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Savvy Hippie Soap

$ 5.00 USD


Our new Savvy Hippie Soap line is handcrafted, handpoured, and homemade with ingredients grown at Ginger Goat Farm.

Our new lines will include:

  1. Rosemary
  2. Lavendar
  3. Mint
  4. Aloe
  5. Lemongrass
  6. Citronella (bug repellant)

Savvy Hippie Solar-infused Salt Soak

$ 6.00 USD

After a LONG day of working on the farm (or the yard or wherever...), you deserve a break with our Savvy Hippie Solar-infused Salt Soak. Our salt soak is handcrafted and homemade using only the freshest ingredients grown at Ginger Goat Farm and the finest Epsom Salts that we can find. Our new lines will include:

  1. Lemongrass (soothing)
  2. Rosemary (balancing)
  3. Lavendar (healing)
  4. Mint (refreshing)
  5. Aloe (repairing)
  6. Citronella (bug repelling)



  • Athlete's foot
  • Splinters
  • Fungus (foot or other)
  • Sprains and bruises
  • Toxin removal
  • Exfoilation
  • Relaxation
  • Dislodging blocked pores




Savvy Hippie Laundry Soap

$ 5 USD

Our Savvy Hippie Laundry Soap is handmade and handpoured with extreme care, using ONLY natural ingredients and repurposed packaging.

Our laundry soap is UNSCENTED, allowing you to add the essence you prefer for each load, or not.


Ginger Goat Farm T-shirt

$ 12.00 USD

Coming Soon


Coffee Table Book: "Our First Year...or So"

$ 20.00 USD

A bound copy, with color pictures, of our first year (year-and-half...whatever; however long we've lived here) living at Ginger Goat Farm.